About Us

José Rocha & Advogados, R.L, Law Firm was created to provide legal services in all of Portugal, making its clients, not just regular citizens but also public and private entities located in the continent and autonomous regions.

To every client, we always assure a personalized treatment by one of our lawyers, which assumes all of the juridic and procedural management with it’s respective dossier in function to the client’s needs and area of expertise.

The lawyers at José Rocha & Advogados, R.L, Law Firm have developed throughout the years a set of skills that they keep updated to provide the best legal services to its clients.

Our office is composed of an eclectic team of lawyers with over 30 years of experience and also lawyers with “young blood” to balance the quality standards.

Our office has proficiency in most subjects of law and also gives special attention to the modern ways of communication to obtain and communicate information with the world but also uses it to ensure a strong bond with its clients.


We privilege the juridic quality of our work and the personal contact that we have with our clients.

We are rigorous in the defense and respect the deontological laws of our work.

We are committed in the defense of our client’s interests.

All of the work that we develop follows updated guidelines and looks for the most consistent juridic solution with the best doctrine and most consolidated jurisprudence.